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Composite Fillings Lynn Haven

Strengthen Worn Teeth

Restore your teeth to pristine condition with composite fillings at the full-service dentistry practice of Dr. Reese Harrison and Dr. Andrew Norton . Unlike traditional metal fillings, composite fillings are tooth colored to blend naturally with the rest of your smile. Dr. Harrison and Dr. Norton use the most advanced technology and durable, high-quality materials to ensure a virtually painless experience and long-lasting results. For more detailed information about composite fillings in Lynn Haven, contact Dr. Harrison and Dr. Norton to schedule an appointment today!

Understanding Cosmetic Bonding

Composite fillings, like porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns, are attached to teeth through the process of cosmetic bonding. The composite fillings are artfully sculpted and shaped by Dr. Harrison or Dr. Norton so that they look completely natural and fit perfectly into the spaces created by cavities or cracks in teeth. A curing light is used during the bonding process to harden the composite fillings, and a finish is added. This entire process is typically completed in a single visit. Although some patients may experience minor sensitivity for a few days after treatment, the entire process is generally pain free.


A low-cost and effective alternative to full dental crowns are inlays. Inlays are tooth-colored restorations crafted to fit within the cusps of a tooth to repair cavities or decay. For both inlays and onlays, dental casts are made of your teeth and sent to a lab, where the restorations are created.


Like inlays, onlays are dental restorations that are bonded to damaged teeth. Onlays are designed to fit over edges of the tooth when damage extends to the flossing area or the biting surface. Onlays protect the areas of teeth that are most prone to decay.

Contact Us to Learn More about Composite Fillings

Dr. Reese Harrison and Dr. Andrew Norton can give you the healthy, beautiful smile that you want and deserve. If you’d like to learn more about composite fillings, contact our Lynn Haven dental practice today!

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